Thursday, April 3, 2014

NGS Data Analysis

Reduction in the genome sequencing costs and applications of NGS to answer biological questions are creating biological big data. The speed of NGS data analysis is comparatively slow due to various limiting factors. One of the limiting factor is expert manpower. Especially younger generation biologists are not much aware about NGS data analysis tools and techniques.

One of the most essential tool set for NGS data analysis is R Bioconductor. As such very few institutes in India have biological courses including biostat and of course use of R Bioconductor tools. The interpretation of biology through data analysis requires expertise in applications and use of R and Bioconductor tools. Labindia-GPOD has decided to contribute to narrow this gap of manpower by launching online courses in NGS data analysis. The first course entitled Introduction to R and Bioconductor is being launched from 15.04.2014 at Course can be taken with time and space management and is absolutely free for the registered participant.

Those interested can visit course site and write to me at for more information.

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